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Sam Farr Challenge Results and Success Stories

  • We had 325 participants! (75% Basic, 25% Extreme)
  • 80 people filled out our Completion Survey.
  • 80% of participants, whether they finished the challenge or not, reported losing weight and feeling better.
  • The average weight loss was 5 lbs. The highest was 14 and 15 lbs. Congressman Farr lost 8 lbs!

Mary shares the Sam Farr Challenge results at the Congressman's
Town Hall Meeting in Santa Cruz, CA on August 28, 2014.

Participants Reported:

  • Feeling better
  • Sleeping better
  • Less bloated
  • More energy
  • More awareness about what they are eating and how it makes them feel
  • More control over their lives
  • Improved productivity

I loved the simplicity of the Challenge. There weren't too many rules to be followed and there was no guilt trip implied. - KR

My blood sugar dropped to the point that I have been able to reduce my insulin injection by one third. - WS

This has been such a great experience. It is something that I can do with a busy schedule and not feel deprived. It is a lifestyle, not a diet. Even being not 100% I was able to stick to it and lose 15 lbs. Use to be when I was dieting I would cheat on weekends. I have no need to cheat on this plan. - SC

I liked that you didn't berate, nag, or shame us participants into being healthy. I like that you treated us like adults. You laid out the rules and it was up to each of us to follow them. I like that you gave us tips and explanations about the reasons for various aspects about the rules (such as why avoid flours) throughout the challenge. - SM

I have always had a stomach that appears very bloated to the point of sometimes looking pregnant. My stomach is now a lot less bloated. - AJ

Cutting out flour had an almost immediate impact: the weight loss was really easy. - SG

I lost 8 pounds, and I'm happy about that. I will continue to watch what I eat and I hope to lose another 10 pounds. - TS

I feel less bloated and re-energized for a long term healthy lifestyle. I am much more aware. Especially about how flour is just everywhere and how having it does not make me feel good. - JC

I definitely feel better and have a sense of accomplishment for staying committed to the Challenge. - RG

Getting back to regular exercise was the greatest success and one that I will continue. - MG

I feel so good each day and sleep well too. Plus, the bonus is that my sciatic pain in the left hip is gone. - MLN

I loved the daily emails and knowing that we were working together as a group. - EB

I have been sleeping better! I am so much more aware of how badly I feel when I eat a heavy meal. I've enjoyed eating dinner earlier. - LC

I cannot remember the last time (and I'm 60) that I consciously chose to not eat breads, pasta, and desserts for 30 days, as well as exercise for 60 minutes/day. I accomplished both on Sam Farr's 30-Day Challenge and I'm very proud of myself. I feel lighter and stronger. My clothes are looser and I can move about with a quicker step. - SM

A group of us participated at work. One thing we all reported on was an increase in mindfulness... we were more aware of what went into our mouths and how much exercise we were capable of squeezing in during the day! - GC

It would not have been in the realm of possibility for me to give up my beloved pasta, and eat less than 2 pieces of bread/day without your encouragement. The emails really did it. They were VERY informational, and very encouraging. - JC

I felt really included. Loved that others were doing it also. Was fun to root for Sam. - BM

The challenge helped me get back to my daily walking habit, which makes a huge difference in my overall mood & energy. - LW

Lost 5 more pounds and my sugar level and A1C are now in normal range. - PM

I can get into size 4 Vera Wang slacks I bought in 2009 and zip them up, which I could not do before the challenge. - JG

The biggest thing I have noticed is much better control with my blood sugar levels... and am taking less insulin because of it. I have also noticed that I have been sleeping better and have had more energy. - AS

Yes, I lost 5 pounds and feel very happy about that! I was very compliant with the challenge and am very proud!- KS

I learned a lot about what my delicious homemade sour dough bread was actually doing in my body. Now I make it less but enjoy every bite as a special treat. - PO

I'm sleeping better, feeling less "doughy." - JC

I have changed my eating habits to choose foods that have fewer carbs and less grams of sugars. I have recently learned that I am pre-diabetic, so this is an important change for me for my health and prevention of Type 2 diabetes. - AF

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