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Free Educational Videos on YouTube -- Visit Mary Toscano's Healthy Living ABCs YouTube channel to watch over 20 educational videos that will help you understand important nutrition and healthy living concepts.

Join the Next Challenge! -- Sign up on Mary Toscano Healthy Living email list to be the first to know when the next 30-Day Challenge is happening. You will receive occasional email updates and healthy living tips.

Congressman Sam Farr's Facebook Page -- Interact with Congressman Farr and his team via social media.

Sweet Fire Book Facebook Page -- Receive helpful tips and links from Mary Toscano and the Sweet Fire team.

(Book) Sweet Fire: Sugar, Diabetes & Your Health -- Answers the questions: How much sugar are we eating? How do our bodies process sugar? What happens if we get too much sugar – especially over a long period of time? I’m addicted to sugar; what do I do? How do I get healthy food into my diet? What sweetener should I use instead of sugar?
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